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MC Escher: Journey to Infinity

“Other artists pursue beauty, I pursue wonder.”

Have you seen this film: "MC Escher: Journey to Infinity"? I enjoyed it. It’s a celebration of printmaking: woodcuts, lithography, mezzotint, tesselations! It's the playful but serious life story of the fabulous draftsman and incredibly inventive printmaker MC Escher, with animations that de-construct his work and inspirations.

See it online now ($12 or more donation) and support the historic nonprofit San Francisco Roxie Theater: I’m not sure how long it will be available to view, so see it soon!

MC ESCHER: JOURNEY TO INFINITY 2018 Feature documentary about the life and work of MC Escher. Directed by Robin Lutz Dutch with English subtitles Netherlands | NR | 81 min | Documentary / 2018

“The movie also chronicles M.C. (the initials are for Maurits Cornelis) Escher’s pre-World War II journeys around Europe, his family’s tough times during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, financial and health struggles, the full life (1898-1972).” --Bob Strauss, SF Chronicle

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