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About my process

I create monotypes (unique, one-of-a-kind original images) using water-based inks on acetate or matboard plates. For decades I printed by hand with a "printing pin." Now I print them with a Takach fine art printing press. An original working sketch serves as the basis for the print. Paper elements, known as “chine collé,” are often adhered as a first layer. I print multiple layers of ink and often add additional collage elements or hand-coloring.

The monotype medium is full of quirks and has an element of surprise. One can never quite be sure how the image will transfer onto the paper and how it will interact with chine collé layers. One step in the process flows to the next, frequently leading me in a different direction than I first imagine. 


I also create linocuts. Linocut, also known as lino print, lino printing or linoleum art, is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of linoleum is used for a relief surface.

“Printmaking is fun because it takes a perfectly simple process like drawing and makes it as complicated and error prone as possible." — George Bodmer


What is Chine Collé?

Translated from French chine = tissue, and collé = glued or pasted. The printmaking technique of chine collé is a method of adhering with glue a thinner piece of paper onto a larger and heavier sheet of paper. In chine collé papers are glued down during the printmaking process, vs. collage, where papers are added later and glued on separately. The word chine is used because the thin paper traditionally used in the process was imported to Europe from China, India or Japan. I use both collage and chine collé.

Monotype vs. Monoprint— is it an original?

monotype is one of a kind: a unique piece of art. Ink is applied to the surface of a blank, un-etched plate. Only one or two impressions may be pulled before the ink is gone. The second impression, called a "ghost," is much lighter and is more of a suggestion since most of the ink was lifted from the plate in its first pass through the press. Each pulled impression may be considered a finished work or it may be further enhanced by the application of additional drawing or color.

monoprint begins with an etched plate or other print as a base. These plates have lines or tones etched or scratched into a surface. An edition could be made from this fixed image. Monoprints become unique images when hand-coloring, collage are added to a print.

What is a Giclée?

I offer Giclée (zhee-klay ) fine art reproductions of the highest quality on hot-pressed (smooth) paper. Because they are reproductions, they are less expensive than my original work. Upon request, I can have Giclée prints made for most images on this site. The Giclée colors/images are very rich and can be printed in any size.  I also offer 6” x 6” tiles that can be displayed on walls and I produce my own cards. Contact me for more information. 

What is Gouache?

Gouache (ɡwäSH, ɡo͞oˈäSH) is an water-soluble paint that is opaque, rather than transparent like watercolor. It is basically fancy tempera paint in a tube. It has a chalky finish and includes white. I first started using it when I studied graphic design in college. I used it more in the '80's and early '90's before I began doing more printmaking and monotypes.

For more information

*Please contact me for price information or questions.  *NOTE:  even if a piece has been sold, I can make a high quality giclée reproduction, tile or cards for most images.

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