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It makes me happy to imagine fish and waterlilies floating around with the stars in outer space.

Version one of a recent print in my Constellations series. This monotype combines multiple recycled tetrapak drypoints, lasercut woodcuts, collage and chine collé.

Fun facts: The Pisces constellation was known to the ancient Babylonians as ‘Nunu’ which means ‘fish’ and represents a pair of fish that are joined

by a cord. (My fish float more freely). Pisces is the Latin plural for ‘the fish’ and this constellation was first cataloged by Greek astronomer Ptolemy more than 2,000 years ago.

The stars of Pisces were incorporated into several constellations in Chinese astronomy. Wai-ping ("Outer Enclosure") was a fence that kept a pig farmer from falling into the marshes and kept the pigs where they belonged.

Pisces I is available for purchase through my FB and Instagram shops as well as through my website -

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