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Sold! "Amazon Kingfisher" (and how I made it...)

Finally made it to see the "New Beginnings" exhibit at @PajaroValleyArts this week in Watsonville before the storms, on a sunny but windy Wednesday. Good news! My piece “Amazon Kingfisher”, a monotype/ tetrapak drypoint print, has Sold! First print of 2023, and third tetrapak print. If you miss the exhibit you can see it virtually on their website .

I may have to do another version of this print, since I just finished it before the show and didn't have time to live with it yet...

See images of the Process for this print: first layer = monotype printed on BFK paper, and 2nd layer = tetrapak drypoint plate, ready to be printed. The tetrapak plate is made from a recycled Imagine vegetable broth aseptic package.

A Kingfisher’s pointed bill and head is so aerodynamic that it inspired the design of the bullet train in Japan! They have monocular vision (each eye is used separately) in the air and binocular vision (both eyes are used together) in water. Their wings are opened under water and their open eyes are protected by the transparent third eyelid. They are able to compensate for the water’s refraction and reflection as they search for prey underwater.

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