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Hope Rising

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

“Hope Rising”- monotype/ chine collé, by Anita Heckman. Keep hope alive! #choosedemocracy #counteveryvoteus #choosedemocracyus

The story of "Hope Rising":

I created this piece in 2011 in solidarity with the Arab Spring pro-democracy strategic nonviolent resistance movements in the Middle East. Massive numbers of people took to the streets nonviolently to demand freedom, human rights, women’s rights and an end to repressive regimes. Nonviolence is the most effective way to make change.

Heed the words of these wise women:

“If a house is burning, and a bucket of water is thrown on the blaze and doesn't extinguish the fire, this doesn't mean that water won't put out fire. It means we need more water. And so with nonviolence.” — Dorothy Cotton, longtime civil rights and #nonviolence activist

“One of the lessons of Flint (MI) is that science and public health won’t save us without a functioning democracy.” — Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha

“Exercise your rights. Never take them for granted. That’s the day they’re taken away from you. Living in a democracy is not a privilege. Living in a democracy is a huge responsibility. If you have a voice, honor it and use it.” – Manal-al-Sharif, Saudi women's rights activist, author of "Daring to Drive"


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