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In Japan and China, legend says that on the 7th day of the 7th month, all magpies on Earth fly up to heaven and form a bridge with their wings, allowing two lovers— the brightest summer star Vega and the star Altair to reunite. The summer bird of the south flies up from below. Monotype, printed by hand  on Arches 88 paper. Monotypes are unique, one-of-a kind prints. Signed by the artist in pencil, 1/1 monotype.  Image size: 21" x 15." Paper size: approximately 25" x 20".  *This piece will be carefully rolled to ship in a sturdy cardboard tube.  *Matted/Framed option: Not available for shipping- only for pick-up. Museum quality 4-ply warm white beveled mat; black wood frame 30" x 24", regular glass.

Magpie Bridge - Legend of Tanabata

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